America and her new Hate 

America and her new Hate! 
The savagery being visited on blacks by the alt-right betrays, no, exposes America’s spoofy civilization. Her pretensions to civilization, tolerance and multiculturalism has finally expired. 
A sad wake of dirty hate and brazen racial grandeur has dawned. The smokescreen has cleared off. Now we see, the whole world. A.I can see and so can ISIS. New York (for the UN) and so is Pyongyang. The Red Cross can see the blood in your hands, so can B/Haram. We all can see your shame. The whole world can see the true you, O America. 
It’s no Trump thing. It’s merely the sad side of the US that all of us pretended no longer exist. It has been around for as long as history can trace. And Trump himself is only a mere beneficiary of this dysfunction. The very mad dysfunction. 
The BLM, cried that their ‘Lives Matter’ the world said they were crying wolf. I’m sorry guys. I never really saw your fears. 
I wish corruption in Africa was not this terrible, home would have been home for for blacks to return. The remainders of our murdered lots would have walked back home in dignity. But back here corruption is competitive. 
Sad that the US, as we know it, is ceasing to exist. She is imploding! 
America, why do you chose to die this way? We love you. Don’t die! 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a strategic communication expert. He plays, writes and travels. 
13th August, 2017

Nigeria and her penchant for the Die Minutes; by Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Some of the little understanding I can glean from brilliant commentaries is that almost everyone will manifest some corrupt attributes under a bad system. This is why serious societies painstakingly design their systems and institutions as watertight as possible. This is why individuals are seldom seen as messiahs. 
Pray Nigeria recognizes that her institutions must be, brought down and redesigned in the frankest terms possible. 
She should quit the deceits, embrace the expedients. 
It is better to have a well thought out disruption of the statusquo with a view and preparedness and truth to fix all the bugs, than be disrupted by the inevitable – the time bomb. 
But wait, when has Nigeria fixed a road, a bridge, students hostels, office equipment, terror groups, desertification, population growth until a significant damage has occurred? 
Poor observation. Haven’t we always managed? 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

17th August, 2017

Your Vision, Hold on, hold Tightly On. By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

On matters relating to your goals; you must remain on your guard at all times. 
The curse of giving up can sometimes be very creepy. It can be cryptic. It often defies simple logic. This is why you look back today and laugh at how silly it was to have wanted to give up. 
I wasn’t doing badly as an undergraduate – at least there were times when I was slightly above average – the going was good. Yes there were pockets of challenges but the joy that laid ahead was stronger. 
I also had great friends who were passionate about the prospects of higher education. Exciting as those moments were, thoughts of giving up inexplicably reared up on my mind – they crept in! How they did I can’t figure. I’d spend hours on the internet scouring for ‘opportunities’ that provided quick fixes. I was literally on the verge of dumping my dream for cheaper and quicker alternatives. (I know some close friends won’t believe this, thanks for believing in me, guys). 
I laugh today as *Clarence tells me how he almost dumped his MSc program in a prestigious university. While as an undergraduate I wanted to dump school for the police, *Clarence wanted Lagos. Just Lagos! 
The goal of getting a university degree is something I knew God really laid in my heart – something for which I had given up a lot of things. Despite this, things refused to be roundly rosy, they didn’t flow seamlessly. So I had to encourage myself with the reach supply friendship God gave me, and the ultimate goal. 
Don’t be duped, no matter how divine your calling is, very funny situations would rear up once in a while. Focus on your goal. 
Truth is, pursuing your dreams is expected to be exciting, and yes it has to. It should be the most exciting feeling in the world. But hey!, you’d find it somewhat boring at times. And at such time you may begin to consider giving up or looking at an alternative goal. Please never ever give in. Those times don’t last. 
I’m giving this charge because my heart bleeds each time I hear people drop off their dreams. You’ve probably heard or seen undergraduates quitting their studies, graduate students abandoning their PhD programs, writers burning their manuscripts, pastors quitting, SMEs, coaches/teachers fleeing, spouses filing for divorce… the sad list is endless. 
Whenever you’re in such a time, and a corner of your eye/mind is suggesting a ‘quick’ or ‘attractive’ alternative to your vision, just know that ‘they have come’. I assume you’ve written down your vision, so get back to it – re-read and try to relive the excitement that you had when you first received it. 
Keep your eyes on the goal, look inward, receive help from ABOVE and keep moving. 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a Strategic Communication expert. He plays, talks, writes, and travels. 

Gratitude is Therapeutic. By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Gratitude is Therapeutic. 
Man has an interesting habit of longing for stuffs. With bated breath we expect one form of good or the other to manifest to and for us. 
We anticipate one degree of progress and success to dawn. We’re always hoping something ‘clicks’. We hinge our joys, fulfillment and satisfaction over and across some horizon. 
While it is not wrong to exhibit some form of anticipation for what the future really holds, the fact that we’re so fixated on what is anticipated at the expense of the potentially enormous joys of the present shows something is damn wrong. 
This neglect of our birds at hand is a major undoing that has made most lives extremely miserable. 
How very true that we cannot get away with our failure to appreciate the little things we’ve been blessed with. We pay for it with our health, our self esteem and our very core! 
Now is the time to quit treating our blessings as though they’re not ours to enjoy. We must quit being too familiar with what we’ve got. You and I have just got to stop trivializing our personal and corporate good. We must take them for granted no more. 
So, give thanks for your teeth, and if the teeth have gone give thanks for the gum and even if the gum is acting up, thank God you’re still around to watch it act. 
Be thankful. Celebrate what you have. They’re not cheap. No THEY ARE NOT! 
And guess what, until you celebrate those little things, that joy across the horizon would remain an illusive pot of gold. A fleeting illusion. 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a strategic communication expert. He plays, writes and travels. 
14th August, 2017

Our CTs Countrywide. By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

For some time now I have been trying to write a piece about the great work our Children Teachers are doing countrywide. 
The temptation to make light their contributions is widespread. Adults have their eyes on the so called big issues like politics, the National Minimum Wage, power supply, security, APC, PDP etc. at the expense of these little cuties and their teachers. 
We are lamely dragging our carts before the horse. 
So, when my friend Deborah Attah invited me to like a page Raising Goldly Children, I became all the more enthused with the incredible contributions of these unsung heroes. 
I love children. It gives me great joy to tickle (can’t remember the spelling jare) them to laughter, I love to be the one to take them around and to trick them to eat. I enjoy ‘longer throating’ their nuts, cookies, icecream, and their noodles sometimes. While I form for you adults I’m so vulnerable to kids. Lol. 
Though I have big love for children, I’m not necessarily a great children teacher. So I don’t choke the space with my lack of competence. However, my sentiment towards our CTs is great respect and admiration. 
I have nephews and nieces with enormous amounts of energy. I know what big work it is for their teachers to contain them without harming their confidence and self esteem. 
I must give it up for every single person, group or organization who has chosen to function in this strategic department. I am sure you derive your job satisfaction from the understanding that your service is to God, primarily. 
So far, our churches have been very fantastic for the kids. Many with the means have now come to the rescue – establishing schools and charging very modest fees. 
Thanks for manning this strategic gate. 
I hope the desire to make more money would not compromise this particular ministry. I truly so hope. 
How can I forget folks whose hearts are large enough to conceive the idea of starting orphanages. Today, God’s Will Orphanage Anyigba comes to mind. 
There are hundreds of others across the country. No matter the religion you currently profess, you guys are ‘christian’. Christ is compassionate and he loves children. 
Finally, to you our Children Teacher, I just want to celebrate you. You are God’s masterpiece. You’re God’s Generals. 
My own big brother Abolade Davidst is a CT in his local church; to everyone who functions in similar capacity elsewhere in schools, communities, organizations etc., 
You guys rock!

Conversation; How powerful is my Listening? By; Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Hearty conversation is an amazing way to nip some of life’s troubles in the bud. Nothing explains the concept of communication smugglier than conversation. 
Since the prosperity of life itself is explained by effective communication, it is important everyone who desires quality life to master the art. 
And because you matter, there’d be times when a friend, a mentee or a client will approach you for heart to heart discussions, the best gift you can offer in such circumstances is to keenly listen. 
Yes, man has an innate desire not only to hold an opinion, but also to have his opinion heard. We naturally want to contribute and to impress. Sometimes we even go overboard forcing our opinions down people’s throats, without attentively hearing them out. We hardly get much problems solved this way. 
So, when you’re being solicited for an audience, you must obey the first rule of the game – you must exercise enough discipline to listen up. The mystery of listening is so powerful that your partner often mysteriously feel as though a heavy load is being lifted from off their shoulders. 
The chemistry of the mind sometimes fires the wrong commands; emotions get clogged, simple issues appear complex, difficult issues appear like the world is really caving in… You’ll do your friend a world of good if you’d offer your ears rather than your tongue. Let them exhaustively decongest their emotions without interruption. 
When you attentively listen, your friend will have a sense that their ‘problems’ are not being downplayed. They will instantly feel a sense of solidarity; like both of you now forming a formidable force against a common concern – against a common ‘enemy’ 
Funny enough, after someone ‘downloads’ their problems, they often realized that what they’d been so worried about wasn’t as insurmountable as it initially felt. 
Listening is that powerful, no wonder it’s the very first skill needed for effective communication. 
What kind of conversationalist are you? 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a strategic communication expert. He plays, writes and travels. 

You deserve to be truly happy. By; Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Those Who Compare Themselves with Themselves are not Wise. – the Holy Bible.
Studies at the intersection of social media exposure and emotional health show that instead of being inspired, some actually get depressed. This is sad. 
In my opinion, what these studies prove is that our responses to what we see on the social media are not very correct. It shows we’re repeatedly unable to draw the line between reality and the make-believe.
Aside the incidences of bullying, body shaming and other attacks on the cyberspace, it was discovered in some studies that the more some people get exposed to the glamors of the social media, the more they become unsatisfied with their own lives. This is an _incontrovertible_ evidence of man’s flawed response to life. 
It’s not exactly that this category of people are envious of other people’s successes – but somehow, they measure their own values, goals and sense of accomplishment against the ‘film tricks’ that pervade the social media. 
Truth is, at every stage of life, some of our friends will get ahead in some aspects of life faster. And this is OK. You’ve had your own great times too, and other greater things are on the way. Sadly, what drives some people into emotional crises are NOT even the real accomplishments like admission into college, visit to orphanages, volunteer services, prayer retreats, gospel financings etc, they’re some vanities like fast cars, expensive launch and some photos taken via some mobile phone. My gawd! 
I hate to confess this, but for the health of my fellow NETIZENS; please, those pictures you see us take in nice places are not always a true reflection of our real statuses or joy. You’d be surprised that that babe, that guy, who posted a pictures of themselves in an airplane, in a yacht or in some exotic eateries may still be very heavily indebted somewhere. His rent may be due. She may have just been jilted… Why then would you make yourself an emotional wreck over someone who’s trying to forget his own troubles?
OK, hear this. My pictures that have attracted the most likes (please your happiness must not depend on the likes) are the very ones I took at the most trying moments in my life. Shotan ẹ? 
If people are simply trying to decongest their emotions and worries by posting fine updates on their timelines, my friend you’d better just look, hit the like button and _waka_ pass. 
I’ve been privileged to interact with some individuals who battled (and won) one emotional challenge or the other, much of the episodes _were_ mere images and concerns conjured up somewhere in the wrong side of their mind; apparently a wrong response to what they have seen. Don’t let that be you. 
If after reading this, you still get your BP revved up over this thing called social media wàhálà hmnnn, I know you won’t even try it. You love me pretty much than that. Don’t you? 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a Strategic Communication enthusiast. 

He plays, talks, writes and travels.
29th July, 2017

We truly cannot NOT Communicate. By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

“We cannot NOT communicate”

Paul Watzlawick. 


”Organisation has a choice tell its own story promptly and widely OR be silent and allow its competitors/detractors push a memo that will kill it”

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July, 2017. 
1.) Prompt communication between an organization and its relevant stakeholders is key. Priority must be accorded public relations efforts at any given time. Every organization, public or private is a group of artists performing. They are a spectacle to a specified audience. 
2.) Never had it become more imperative for any organization to project its performances clearly and consistently than now. You see, each one of us expects some transparency in the way things that concern us are being run. And except when we are left with no choice, we often demand to be duly informed on matters we have stakes in. We love to be kept informed and involved. 
3.) Profit oriented organizations and politicians understand this needs of ours better. This is why tens of millions are voted for public relations efforts. They do not joke with press conferences, media parleys, press releases/stamsnts, advertorials, Town Hall Meeting, public hearings, Facebook, Twitter etc. They understand that for them to have a neighborly interchange with their publics and stakeholders, make new friends and retaining old ones, they have to consistently fill them in on relevant information; their strengths, prospects and challenges. 
4.) The dimensions of organizational communication is changing at an alarming rate. And any organization – profit or nonprofit – that does not have a good grasp on PR, with defined mode of reaching out to its internal and external publics has no place in the 21st century ‘organizationing’! 
5.) Audiences are now increasingly sophisticated; they are a lot more informed, educated, aware and powerful. Their access to different information sources – genuine or bogus – is virtually limitless. 
6.) Organizations must diligently consider what it considers ‘privileged information’ and ‘classified information’ as the regime of Freedom of Information Act trumps much of these pretensions. What used to be ‘privileged information’ are now being mocked by a regime of highly liberalised media. Big thanks to SR brand of journalism. 
7.) Organisation heads must therefore resist the temptation to to keep its activities shrouded in needless secrecy. They must engage Public Relations experts to effectively communicate with their various audiences. 
8.) You undermine the relevance of your stakeholders, demean their persons and create unnecessary controversy and ultimately endanger the credibility of your organization and its objectives when you operate in the dark – remember your competitors would in some way get wind of your activities and promptly spin your story in their own favor while fatally discrediting you. You do not want this to happen in your organization, do you? 
9.) Take home. When you fail to get valuable and consistent (and true) information to your audience, your are telling them that what they hear from your opponents is OK. This is counterproductive. 
10.) Connect with your audience, deliberately. We just cannot NOT communicate! 

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a Strategic Communication expert. He Plays, Talks, Writes and Travels. 

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A New Dimension in Missile Defense. By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

​I do NOT support IBMs or any of the nuclear warloads. No I’m forever concerned about the conception, manufacture and sales, stockpile and the inevitability of their use. 
It is easy to dismiss the Hiroshima tragedy as a mere historical mistake and that the world’s mad men are now well tamed by current civilizations. Give me some break! I’m not willing to wager a Náírà coin on such a slim chance – the lottery that man is now less brutal than he was ninety years ago is a Russian roulette. 
In fact, the argument that international resolutions on (nuclear) warfare put us safe from a possible nuclear holocaust flies in the face of daily flagrant violation of these treaties. 
The campaign about nuclear disarmament has been on for as long as I can remember (probably before I was born), and I am yet to read about a single state that has been kind enough to dismantle its stockpiles. 
The very fact that the philosophies behind the nuclear arms race can still be fashionable today shows that the savagery we pretend to have shed off is still very much with us. 
I wish the world would invest a fraction of its war effort in sharing love and peace and food. 
It is too late, and consequently of no use, to begin to imagine a world without some pockets of crises. In fact, the heightened tensions between different sovereign states present very bleak hopes of a crises-free global community.

This is why I have become an admirer of (Missile) Defense Systems!
Note: A few minutes ago I watched an exclusive report by CNN – a breakthrough in Laser Defense Technology by the United States Navy. With the insight provided, a laser warload proves that it is truly a defense equipment rather than assault. 
It is called Laser Weapon Systems – LaWS! 
As a missile defense system (I love MDSs) the speed and accuracy with which the LaWS neutralises threats is incredible. It is cheap, compact and I believe it is clean enough as not to constitute a major compromise on our earth protection efforts. 
I recommend this technology for every sovereign state! 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July 18th, 2017 

In the Cool of the Evening

Your Thoughts; they Scare you? By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

There are a few days when you have definite issues on your mind. A good many other days you’ll have scores of thoughts, ideas and even concerns zooming back and forth on the highway of the mind. 
The mind is that powerful. It hosts these all-sorts without going bananas. 
Don’t get at all bothered by the enormity of your thoughts, in fact, if you must be concerned at all, be concerned about what you expose yourself (your mind) to. 
Sound mind is not the absence of crazy, funny and sometimes frightening thoughts, it is the ability to prioritize and take hold of the thoughts that matter. 
Thankfully the Creator has given us the power to decide which thought to give expression to. 
However, to avoid wearing yourself out bothering about the different ideas and thoughts popping up in your head, you have to be deliberate in taming this very powerful part of you. 
I primarily suggest the God therapy. You see, God made you; your body, your spirit and your MIND. He understands its every single part and functioning. So it is important to let His Word set the tone for your thought pattern. 
Deliberate steps like reading, listening to good music, exercising and being with family and good friends also helps. 
Your thoughts is also positively impacted when you consider the weak and the lowly. Spend time and resources with them. 
Ideas are transient. So, when a fantastic idea pops up, it must be noted down as quickly as possible. This means that you have to have with you your writing materials. (Create a virtual space if you must use gadgets like smartphones) 
So never think you’re going nuts when ideas spring up in your mind in quick succession. The next big thing might just be seeking a birth through you. 
Summary, you THINK, PRIORITIZE and TAME your thoughts, NOTE/WRITE down your ideas and WORK on them. 
Hey, will you? 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July, 2017