Senator Dino arrested. 

Oshaloto Joseph Tade. Abuja 

Breaking: Dino Melaye Arrested

Information available on the Facebook page of the senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District indicate that he may have been arrested. 
The update reads

“I have just been arrested at the international wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport on my way to Morocco for an official engagement sponsored by the Federal Govt after checking in”- Senator Dino Melaye. 

The APC senator is one of the most ardent critics of the Kogi State government where he hails from. His feud with Governor Yahaya Bello mostly bother on the latter’s failure to pay workers salary. He has also made a number of statements that are critical of the federal government. 
Details shortly. 


Our Nigeria. Our aged, our Youth.

Our Nigeria. Our Aged, our Youth. By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.

May God renew the strengths of the Nigerian youth, give him wisdom and sense of responsibility plus a sense of service – selfless service – so that he can relieve his fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers from the energy sapping job of nation building.

They need to have their well deserved rests. Anything short of this is a curse and an aberration of the ideals of Times and Seasons.

If the active population cannot search out a worthy among itself, it is a pity. An indictment.

This is not us. At all.

The Nigerian youth has a history of excelling. We build, nurture and exceed expectations. We effect creative distruptions.

This we witnessed when a young Buhari took over power from Shagari government because it was considered unsalvagably corrupt.

It was in 1983. He was just a Major General.

Beyond a possible inordinate thirst for power, the young man Buhari demonstrated an abundant energy of the Nigerian youth. A purposefulness that transcends the fear of death were his coup botched.

I’m persuaded that this energy, this love for country, this desire to move our nation forward and integrating it as an entity bounded by love, tolerance, mutual trust and respect and above all a prosperity that would be an envy of all nations.

This energy will manifest with much ebullience. The youth will take over. President Buhari will come back to the ASO Rock. But it will be to offer fatherly advice as elder statesman. He will be happy and proud. We will all be happy. Our nation will rise.

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade

Abuja unrest

The general public is encouraged to avoid the Maitama axis of the FCT as the Police and suspected Shiite protesters are battling.

Information reaching us shows that the protesters are currently around the NCC. Eyewitnesses said stray bullets are flying into people’s homes and offices and tear gas is every where in the air.

Oil blocks palavar; President Buhari’s parting gift?

It is worth commending that Mr. President who also doubles as the Hon. Minister of Petroleum is doing something about the allocation of oil blocks. Even though I will argue that he should have deployed similar strength of leadership earlier to prevent the monumental cronyism that greeted CBN/NNPC recruitments.

In spite of previous failings, my president’s latest decision to allow due process/open bidding must be acknowledged. The magnitudes of corruption carried out by previous administrations remain odiously unequaled. This is a reality that made us clamor for a Buhari. And so we became aghast when his administration began to add the collateral of incompetencies to corruption.

Like many other progressives, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was nothing short of a sanitizer. Nigeria needed him. His was meant to be a brief stop. For the Augean stables were indeed dirty. So being the man of integrity that he was, it was much joy when he assured the country – between man and god – that he was never going to seek a re-election if only we would let him get there. He would never scam us, many swore.

Nigerians are grateful. They are grateful that in spite of his age, the president is doing his best to leave the ASO Rock with a semblance of promise kept. The oil wolves – the bad guys with devilish appetite for ill gotten oil – are in for a shocker. Baba is disloging them from their closed places.

Oh, baba Buhari, you have done well here.

As you prepare to hand the baton to a much younger hand; a hand that is energetic, contemporary and wise, may it please the Lord to grant amplification to your good deeds. May it be that if you have given a blow to corruption, it would die seven times.

To you my fellow youth, your are absolutely up to the task. You can take over from our evidently tired parents. And successfully so. Believe me.

Therefore, like a plague, avoid anything or anyone who attempts to despise the days of your youth. It is for you to build your country actively and sensibly and passionately.

Our forebears have labored enough. Let them peacefully retire to the countryside and enjoy the bliss of old age.

Be Strengthened. Everyone.

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.

Hearty congratulations, Kabiyesi. 

Hearty congratulations on your coronation as the 6th Ọwá of Jege land.

Your Highness, your royal ascension is a further testimony to your large heart and love towards your people and  humanity. 
The royal presence and support of members of Yagba East Traditional Council, Jege Development Association and many eminent sons and daughters, friends and well wishers from across the country shows that our Kabiyesi is indeed a man of great value. 
May it please the Lord to grant you more wisdom, power, a healthy and long life.
K’ade ó pẹ́ l’ori ó, kabiyesi Oba Aderibigbe Joseph Osasona.
Courtesy: Comrade Ekundayo Segun.

Kudos to a worthy Icon.

The Nigeria Physiotherapy Network joins colleagues from around the world in congratulating Professor Francis Adelaja Fatoye on his recent promotion as Professor of Health Economics and Outcomes Research by the Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

Fatoye made history by becoming the first Nigerian trained physiotherapist in a University in the United Kingdom. This is by no means a cheap achievement.

Professor Fatoye is a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy graduate of Nigeria’s premier University, the University of Ibadan (1991). Upon graduation from the University of Ibadan, Professor Fatoye in 1991-1992 did the 1-year required National Youth Service Scheme of the Nigerian Government where he served in Yola. Professor Fatoye was appointed as Physiotherapist in the State House Clinic (SHC), Abuja, Nigeria. While working at the SHC, Professor Fatoye obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ondo State (now, Adekunle Ajasin) University, Nigeria. Professor Fatoye rose through the ranks at the SHC to become a Senior Physiotherapist.

His aptitude and passion for the academia compelled him leave Nigeria to seek further studies in the United Kingdom first at the University of Nottingham where he earned a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and later at the Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh where he earned a PhD in Musculoskeletal PT. He also obtained a Master’s degree in Health Economics and Health Policy from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Professor Fatoye began his academic career at Manchester Met in 2006 as Senior Lecturer and rose to Reader (Associate Professor) in Physiotherapy in the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care at Manchester Met.

Since joining Manchester Met, Professor Fatoye has in the last 10 years shown various exemplary leadership and administrative qualities which makes him of of great value to his university. The professor of health economics and outcomes has served on various Committees and Working Groups with varying responsibilities. He was appointed Program Director, MSc Professional Practice Development in 2010. As Program Director, he accepted the challenge to resuscitate a dwindling program. His visionary leadership repositioned the MSc Professional Practice Development for success to increase student recruitment, retention and completion rates.

Professor Fatoye has mentored a number of academic colleagues. He has successfully supervised 11 PhD students to completion and examined several doctoral students. His research studies include Neuro-musculoskeletal Disorders, Quality of Life, Rheumatology, Paediatrics, Health Economic Evaluations, and Health Services and Outcomes Research. His research studies have been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council; Innovate UK; and multinational Pharmaceutical Company. To date, Professor Fatoye has attracted over £1,000,000 in research income. His research findings have been published in peer-reviewed high-ranking international journals, and presented at both national and international conferences.

He is a member of the Advisory Panel for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), UK. Professor Fatoye is also a grant reviewer for many funding bodies nationally and internationally such as NIHR, UK; Arthritis UK; Health and Care Research Wales, UK; Research Foundation Flanders (Vlaanderen – FWO), Odysseus Programme, Belgium. Professor Fatoye is Associate Editor for the BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders and member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. He is a reviewer of manuscripts for more than 25 academic professional journals. Professor Fatoye serves as a member of many International Scientific Committees and Advisory Panels such as the International Health Economics Association (iHEA), and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Professor Fatoye is happily married to Clara and they are blessed with a son, Precious and a daughter, Divine.

The Nigeria Physiotherapy Network joins colleagues from around the world in congratulating Professor Francis Adelaja Fatoye on his promotion as Professor by the Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. Fatoye can be reached at:

Culled from Nigeria Physiotherapy Network.

National Electricity Regulatory Commission Order NERC/REG/41/2017

Did you know that NERC Order NERC/REG/41/2017 states that;

1. Any single phase residential customer that gains unauthorised access to electricity by tampering or meter bypass shall pay a reconnection fee of N50,000 in the first instance and N75,000 for subsequent acts of bypass or tampering.

2. Three phase violators of this act are expected to pay N100,000 for initial violation and N150,000 for subsequent violation.

3. Single phase commercial customers would pay N50,000 & N75,000 while 3phase commercial customers will pay a fine of N100,000 in the first instance and N100,000 for subsequent violations.

Other items of the order also indicate that

4. Maximum Demand Customers found to have gained unauthorised access by tampering or bypass will pay a reconnection cost of 300% of the last authorised recorded monthly consumption of the customer while subsequent incidents of unauthorised access to electricity by tampering or bypassing by a Maximum Demand (MD) customer will attract 450% of the last authorised recorded monthly consumption of the customer,

5. A customer that gains access to electricity by tampering or meter bypass shall in addition to paying for the reconnection costs and administrative charges be liable to pah for the loss of revenue by the DisCos for the unauthorised consumption by paying back-bills,

6. DisCos are authorised to backbill customers who gain unauthorised access to electricity at the prevailing tariff of the customer for the established period of the unauthorised access.

7. Distribution Companies, DisCos are authorised to disconnect unauthorised connections to the distribution network without giving any notice to the customer.

8. All customers shall be liable to pay the administrative charges below in addition to reconnection costs
i. Single phase residential customers N1,500:00
ii. 3phase residential customer N3,000:00
iii. Single phase commercial customer N3,000:00
iv. 3phase commercial customer N6,000:00
v. MD LV Residential customer N7,500:00
vi. MD HT Residential customer N7,500:00
vii. MD LV commercial/industrial customer N7,500:00
viii. MD HT commercial/industrial customer N15,000:00.

Customers are kings, as such they should not be found contravening these orders.

Scholarship is Declining but not because of Technology.

By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.

Decline in scholarship has been attributed to the distractions caused by technology particularly the new media. This is a widely held belief.

However, I do not share this view. I believe that the academic community in Nigeria is its own holdback. Its survival or otherwise have much to do with how well each of its eminent members is willing to preserve this heritage.

Safe a few exceptions, succeeding in our public institutions is becoming a matter of luck rather than hardwork. Prayers rather than bold ownership and pursuit of the means of achieving success is becoming a condition of success.

Being wrong and manipulative has been elavated and incentivized over and above being right and bold. Young scholars are pushed into investing their work hours into fasting, praying, rankadede-ing their professors rather than using the enormous power of technology to enrich their minds.

From praying that tutors like his face to the safety of his scripts and exam records to the right computation of his results, the Nigerian young scholar has a wide range of ‘Nigerian factors’ that assault his inquisitive mind much more than the new media.

Arresting this ugly trend requires expanding our climate of opinion and national discourse to accommodate a repair of what remains of the fading glory of factory the factory within which the mind is formed.

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.