You deserve to be truly happy. By; Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Those Who Compare Themselves with Themselves are not Wise. – the Holy Bible.
Studies at the intersection of social media exposure and emotional health show that instead of being inspired, some actually get depressed. This is sad. 
In my opinion, what these studies prove is that our responses to what we see on the social media are not very correct. It shows we’re repeatedly unable to draw the line between reality and the make-believe.
Aside the incidences of bullying, body shaming and other attacks on the cyberspace, it was discovered in some studies that the more some people get exposed to the glamors of the social media, the more they become unsatisfied with their own lives. This is an _incontrovertible_ evidence of man’s flawed response to life. 
It’s not exactly that this category of people are envious of other people’s successes – but somehow, they measure their own values, goals and sense of accomplishment against the ‘film tricks’ that pervade the social media. 
Truth is, at every stage of life, some of our friends will get ahead in some aspects of life faster. And this is OK. You’ve had your own great times too, and other greater things are on the way. Sadly, what drives some people into emotional crises are NOT even the real accomplishments like admission into college, visit to orphanages, volunteer services, prayer retreats, gospel financings etc, they’re some vanities like fast cars, expensive launch and some photos taken via some mobile phone. My gawd! 
I hate to confess this, but for the health of my fellow NETIZENS; please, those pictures you see us take in nice places are not always a true reflection of our real statuses or joy. You’d be surprised that that babe, that guy, who posted a pictures of themselves in an airplane, in a yacht or in some exotic eateries may still be very heavily indebted somewhere. His rent may be due. She may have just been jilted… Why then would you make yourself an emotional wreck over someone who’s trying to forget his own troubles?
OK, hear this. My pictures that have attracted the most likes (please your happiness must not depend on the likes) are the very ones I took at the most trying moments in my life. Shotan ẹ? 
If people are simply trying to decongest their emotions and worries by posting fine updates on their timelines, my friend you’d better just look, hit the like button and _waka_ pass. 
I’ve been privileged to interact with some individuals who battled (and won) one emotional challenge or the other, much of the episodes _were_ mere images and concerns conjured up somewhere in the wrong side of their mind; apparently a wrong response to what they have seen. Don’t let that be you. 
If after reading this, you still get your BP revved up over this thing called social media wàhálà hmnnn, I know you won’t even try it. You love me pretty much than that. Don’t you? 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a Strategic Communication enthusiast. 

He plays, talks, writes and travels.
29th July, 2017


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