Conversation; How powerful is my Listening? By; Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

Hearty conversation is an amazing way to nip some of life’s troubles in the bud. Nothing explains the concept of communication smugglier than conversation. 
Since the prosperity of life itself is explained by effective communication, it is important everyone who desires quality life to master the art. 
And because you matter, there’d be times when a friend, a mentee or a client will approach you for heart to heart discussions, the best gift you can offer in such circumstances is to keenly listen. 
Yes, man has an innate desire not only to hold an opinion, but also to have his opinion heard. We naturally want to contribute and to impress. Sometimes we even go overboard forcing our opinions down people’s throats, without attentively hearing them out. We hardly get much problems solved this way. 
So, when you’re being solicited for an audience, you must obey the first rule of the game – you must exercise enough discipline to listen up. The mystery of listening is so powerful that your partner often mysteriously feel as though a heavy load is being lifted from off their shoulders. 
The chemistry of the mind sometimes fires the wrong commands; emotions get clogged, simple issues appear complex, difficult issues appear like the world is really caving in… You’ll do your friend a world of good if you’d offer your ears rather than your tongue. Let them exhaustively decongest their emotions without interruption. 
When you attentively listen, your friend will have a sense that their ‘problems’ are not being downplayed. They will instantly feel a sense of solidarity; like both of you now forming a formidable force against a common concern – against a common ‘enemy’ 
Funny enough, after someone ‘downloads’ their problems, they often realized that what they’d been so worried about wasn’t as insurmountable as it initially felt. 
Listening is that powerful, no wonder it’s the very first skill needed for effective communication. 
What kind of conversationalist are you? 
Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a strategic communication expert. He plays, writes and travels. 


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