No Sir, leadership is virtually everything. By OSHALOTO, Joseph Tade.

No, Leadership is Virtually Everything. By OSHALOTO, Joseph Tade.

“Africa’s underdevelopment is largely due to poor private sector understanding & deployment of management SYSTEMS.”
Dapo Adeyemi!

This kind of assertion bleeds my heart daily. Truly. Leadership is virtually everything.

Having been privileged to undertake management courses, I’m constrained to differently consider the position of Mr. Dapo Adeyemi. I also believe that opinions which have to do with our national life should be beyond the icecream-lollipop of motivational speaking. Anyone conversant with the concept of development will definitely have some difficulty agreeing with the quote above.

In fact, even if the position of Mr. Dapo is sitting on some long held assumptions or even if it is a result of some study, the the reliability of how it came about and or the research instruments will have to be thoroughly and dispassionately queried.

Everyone knows that poor leadership always makes a mess of the efforts of even the brightest ones amidst us. We’ve seen this time and again in Nigeria. In fact, those that we think are business savvy are nothing but economic parasite and financial demons who sustain their businesses with ill-gotten raises and unfair waivers. This is by the way.

As an energy reporter, I see firsthand how Nigeria’s poor handling of the power sector is frustrating smart initiatives of the investors. We see how bad leadership (rather than indiscretions on the part of the private sector who in my opinion are doing their bests) is frustrating Ajaokuta complex.

You need to be doubly smart to make a good hit of your idea and business knowledge in this clime. Except you’re corrupt.

I still insist leadership is everything. When we get it right at leadership level, the giants that our private sector is would rise.

I’m always filled with a mixed feelings of deep joy and sadness when the only times our brothers and sisters do extraordinary things are when they get either physically or virtually out of this impossible space called Nigeria. This is sordid testament of the power of leadership over virtually everything. I had thought that men, women, young and older folks are beginning to realize this strategic reality.

The next elections is a test of our understanding of leadership. As many as God would help to be around by then should know that the Almighty is gifting them an opportunity to make a robust deposit into our national destiny – our LIFE now and later.

You will not only be spiting the beleaguered folks in Dapchi, Chibok, Benue etc, you would also be disappointing the over four million people who lost their jobs in just a few years.

May Nigeria succeed.

OSHALOTO, Joseph Tade is a public affairs commentator, media strategist and a good governance advocate.


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