Gani, Nigeria and her Greek Gift. By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.

While he walked the earth, the man Gani regarded the Nigeria National Award no more than a mockery of the famed Eight Goals. In fact, the tone of his December 15th, 2008 letter of REJECTION OF NATIONAL AWARD appear to perceive the award as leperous.

The question therefore is, what has changed? What has now validated the award in the face of acute misgovernace that pervades our national life? The balance with which the legend assessed the worthiness of the NATIONAL AWARD rests on the Eight Point GOALS. these in include;

1. abolition of poverty.

2. the unqualified need to preserve citizens’ FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

3. governance of our country through Democratic Processes

4. subjection of Everybody and Everything to the Rule of Law

5. upholding the Right of the Nigerian People to FREE and Qualitative Education at all Levels.

6. rights of EVERY Nigerian to FREE and QUALITATIVE Health services and facilities.

7. strengthening of our ECONOMY through sound DEVELOPMENT of INFRASTRUCTURES, and

8. stopping Corruption.

No one will disagree with the fact that after Gani’s demise, nothing of note has been achieved by successive administration, not the least the current administration which may be right adjudged one of the worst performing.

If Gani avoided Nigeria’s Award while on earth, doesn’t this government run the risk of incurring the wrath of the late Senior Advocate? Gani was a man of great integrity. He did not belong to the stock of cheap title craving elites of Nigeria.

I can stake my mortgage that Gani posthumously retains the position he held ten years ago. He has not changed his mind.

An advice to Nigerian Government (and this knows no party or individual).

I am constrained to ask the Federal Government of Nigeria to:

a. withdraw this so-called award posthumously given the erudite Senior Advocate and immediately tender an honest statement of apology to him, his family and all his admirers in Nigeria and around the world.

b. show more sincerity of purpose towards resolving the myriads of problems besetting our nation.

c. ensure that every item on the famous Eight Goals receives honest and/or expedited attention.

d. the present administration will also do well to Gani (and its own conscience) by ensuring that every political prisoner is released unconditionally.

Look, Nigeria, it is not about titles. No. There has been so much title in the land and some much poverty, corruption and chaos. Our true honor as a nation and individuals rests on how well we are governed and how prosperously we fare.

Think about this and let Gani rest.

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade.
7th June, 2018


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