A New Dimension in Missile Defense. By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

​I do NOT support IBMs or any of the nuclear warloads. No I’m forever concerned about the conception, manufacture and sales, stockpile and the inevitability of their use. 
It is easy to dismiss the Hiroshima tragedy as a mere historical mistake and that the world’s mad men are now well tamed by current civilizations. Give me some break! I’m not willing to wager a Náírà coin on such a slim chance – the lottery that man is now less brutal than he was ninety years ago is a Russian roulette. 
In fact, the argument that international resolutions on (nuclear) warfare put us safe from a possible nuclear holocaust flies in the face of daily flagrant violation of these treaties. 
The campaign about nuclear disarmament has been on for as long as I can remember (probably before I was born), and I am yet to read about a single state that has been kind enough to dismantle its stockpiles. 
The very fact that the philosophies behind the nuclear arms race can still be fashionable today shows that the savagery we pretend to have shed off is still very much with us. 
I wish the world would invest a fraction of its war effort in sharing love and peace and food. 
It is too late, and consequently of no use, to begin to imagine a world without some pockets of crises. In fact, the heightened tensions between different sovereign states present very bleak hopes of a crises-free global community.

This is why I have become an admirer of (Missile) Defense Systems!
Note: A few minutes ago I watched an exclusive report by CNN – a breakthrough in Laser Defense Technology by the United States Navy. With the insight provided, a laser warload proves that it is truly a defense equipment rather than assault. 
It is called Laser Weapon Systems – LaWS! 
As a missile defense system (I love MDSs) the speed and accuracy with which the LaWS neutralises threats is incredible. It is cheap, compact and I believe it is clean enough as not to constitute a major compromise on our earth protection efforts. 
I recommend this technology for every sovereign state! 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July 18th, 2017 

In the Cool of the Evening