We truly cannot NOT Communicate. By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

“We cannot NOT communicate”

Paul Watzlawick. 


”Organisation has a choice tell its own story promptly and widely OR be silent and allow its competitors/detractors push a memo that will kill it”

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July, 2017. 
1.) Prompt communication between an organization and its relevant stakeholders is key. Priority must be accorded public relations efforts at any given time. Every organization, public or private is a group of artists performing. They are a spectacle to a specified audience. 
2.) Never had it become more imperative for any organization to project its performances clearly and consistently than now. You see, each one of us expects some transparency in the way things that concern us are being run. And except when we are left with no choice, we often demand to be duly informed on matters we have stakes in. We love to be kept informed and involved. 
3.) Profit oriented organizations and politicians understand this needs of ours better. This is why tens of millions are voted for public relations efforts. They do not joke with press conferences, media parleys, press releases/stamsnts, advertorials, Town Hall Meeting, public hearings, Facebook, Twitter etc. They understand that for them to have a neighborly interchange with their publics and stakeholders, make new friends and retaining old ones, they have to consistently fill them in on relevant information; their strengths, prospects and challenges. 
4.) The dimensions of organizational communication is changing at an alarming rate. And any organization – profit or nonprofit – that does not have a good grasp on PR, with defined mode of reaching out to its internal and external publics has no place in the 21st century ‘organizationing’! 
5.) Audiences are now increasingly sophisticated; they are a lot more informed, educated, aware and powerful. Their access to different information sources – genuine or bogus – is virtually limitless. 
6.) Organizations must diligently consider what it considers ‘privileged information’ and ‘classified information’ as the regime of Freedom of Information Act trumps much of these pretensions. What used to be ‘privileged information’ are now being mocked by a regime of highly liberalised media. Big thanks to SR brand of journalism. 
7.) Organisation heads must therefore resist the temptation to to keep its activities shrouded in needless secrecy. They must engage Public Relations experts to effectively communicate with their various audiences. 
8.) You undermine the relevance of your stakeholders, demean their persons and create unnecessary controversy and ultimately endanger the credibility of your organization and its objectives when you operate in the dark – remember your competitors would in some way get wind of your activities and promptly spin your story in their own favor while fatally discrediting you. You do not want this to happen in your organization, do you? 
9.) Take home. When you fail to get valuable and consistent (and true) information to your audience, your are telling them that what they hear from your opponents is OK. This is counterproductive. 
10.) Connect with your audience, deliberately. We just cannot NOT communicate! 

Oshaloto, Joseph Tade is a Strategic Communication expert. He Plays, Talks, Writes and Travels. 

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You and I in the Cyberspace. By; Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

The Internet as a platform has democratized the cyberspace and the *cyberage , offering every single one of us the power to actively participate. Anyone with tools as basic as a smartphone can now produce and share media contents with an ease and speed that is incredible – his feedback is equally as easy and immediate. A technical term for this advancement is known as the Web 2.0.
Our liberties are now more freely exercised. This is sweet, if you ask me. 
As common with any libertarian regime, there is popular participation. Expressions are always in huge volumes – good or bad. But when you consider man’s natural inclination to abuse just about anything, especially liberty, you just know he needs ‘help’ to safely enjoy this enormous liberty. 
While I’m not about to suggest a muzzle of any sort, for I acknowledge an unhindered online expression – the crazy, the kind, the desirables and the deplorables – as a veritable part of democracy (even though I believe everyone MUST take responsibility for his actions), I’m compelled to suggest safer and dignified ways we can use the cyberspace. 
It is not uncommon these days to see lots and lots of news sites and headlines screaming and sometimes winking for our attention. A lot of times these sites present very enticing headlines and offers just to ensure that you click. It is called Click bait. 
These click baits come in most audacious and also in the creepiest ways. And the user often feels taken advantage of. Imagine your frustration, when for example, you’re trying to fill out a form online only to be redirected to a some frivolous site where you naturally wouldn’t have gone even in your lowest moments… , you’re also ‘treated’ to a crazy barrage of news and the alternative news! 
Sifting through thousands of online newspapers, magazines and blogs poses a huge challenge to an average Internet user, as the ability to craft headlines and leads – which are the windows to news items – is no longer an exclusive skill of the mainstream media. In fact, amateur sites are just as skillful with this as their professional counterparts. 
So what must a user do? How does he play safe amidst an army of ‘news sellers’, money doublers, ‘middle belt repairers/rejuvenators’ etc. whose claims are often not verifiable? How does he live life on this same cyberspace where he’s only a click away from danger?
I believe Online/Internet advisory service people have said so many things on this. I hope to collect some of their pieces of advice and share later. But if you’re able to lay your hands on them before I do, kindly post and tag me for wider circulation.
The need to stay safe on the Internet is as important as ‘important’ can get. A frivolously lived life on the Internet predisposes you to injury; mentally, socially, financially, morally, spiritually, academically, relationally and LEGALLY. 
Needless battles on these eight fronts should be avoided.
And so, we must take necessary precautions, always! 
Happy holidays.
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The gem in Jonah’s recall process. By Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

I am especially happy that the Nigerian electorate is now realizing the power that she has. We see in the news and movies how elected representatives carry themselves in civilized societies, and are saddened that the reverse has forever been the case here. 
Political office holders over there duly recognize the people as their employers, effectively armed with the power to hire and fire, and are constantly trying to please ’em. Ours tend to please their pockets and their bellies. They only seem poised to servicing their wantonness… 
Get it folks, Dino to me has not done badly as a legislator; at least judging by the Nigerian political weighing balance, but that is immaterial. If a larger majority of those he represents do not share my sentiment, he is simply not popular enough to serve.
Rather than lament an imminent sack of ‘our son’, I would rather, we, and I mean the entire Nigerian population rejoice that democracy is gradually assuming its full features. Finally moving from nascenthood. 
For some of my unemployed friends who are on DM’s payroll, I would say a big sorry for this threat to your monthly stipends, but you will survive trust me. You are therefore by this piece encouraged to respect the will of the majority – seeing democracy is a game of digits. Do not get killed for any politician o. 
Remember you too can someday become a president. 
Whether Jonah survives this recall or not, I believe this will sound a strong message to every elected representative.
They will sit up. From ward council to the presidency, they will firm up! 
They will by this historic move (and several other to follow) learn to respect us. The people’s fear will fall on them. And they will sit up. 
This is the inestimable gem that must not slip. 
Image: Julius