Your Thoughts; they Scare you? By: Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

There are a few days when you have definite issues on your mind. A good many other days you’ll have scores of thoughts, ideas and even concerns zooming back and forth on the highway of the mind. 
The mind is that powerful. It hosts these all-sorts without going bananas. 
Don’t get at all bothered by the enormity of your thoughts, in fact, if you must be concerned at all, be concerned about what you expose yourself (your mind) to. 
Sound mind is not the absence of crazy, funny and sometimes frightening thoughts, it is the ability to prioritize and take hold of the thoughts that matter. 
Thankfully the Creator has given us the power to decide which thought to give expression to. 
However, to avoid wearing yourself out bothering about the different ideas and thoughts popping up in your head, you have to be deliberate in taming this very powerful part of you. 
I primarily suggest the God therapy. You see, God made you; your body, your spirit and your MIND. He understands its every single part and functioning. So it is important to let His Word set the tone for your thought pattern. 
Deliberate steps like reading, listening to good music, exercising and being with family and good friends also helps. 
Your thoughts is also positively impacted when you consider the weak and the lowly. Spend time and resources with them. 
Ideas are transient. So, when a fantastic idea pops up, it must be noted down as quickly as possible. This means that you have to have with you your writing materials. (Create a virtual space if you must use gadgets like smartphones) 
So never think you’re going nuts when ideas spring up in your mind in quick succession. The next big thing might just be seeking a birth through you. 
Summary, you THINK, PRIORITIZE and TAME your thoughts, NOTE/WRITE down your ideas and WORK on them. 
Hey, will you? 
– Oshaloto, Joseph Tade 

July, 2017